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The Handmaid’s Tale (Adam Taylor)


Adam Taylor, 2017, Lakeshore Records
17 tracks, 37:19

Dark, slow, aching, melancholy – doesn’t sound like a bundle of joy, but fans of ‘Nordic Noir’-type scores should rejoice. The Handmaid’s Tale is a bit of a slow-burner, but it’s very effective and ultimately quite emotional.

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Spotlight – The Future Is Female: A Concert For Women In Film

Conversations With The Future Is Female Composers

The Future is Female: A Concert For Women in Film is an orchestral concert featuring 10 up and coming female composers all working in Film and TV. Each composer will be presenting an original piece, featuring The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra brought to us by Mark Robertson and Noah Gladstone. The 9 composers behind this concert talk production, gear, women in the film industry, and their sold out concert.

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Alien Covenant (Jed Kurzel)


Jed Kurzel, 2017, Milan
22 tracks, 58:57

Drop your linen and start grinning – there’s a new Alien movie out. Covenant sees Sir Ridley at the helm once again as he takes us on another, hopefully, terrifying journey. Jed Kurzel provides the score, ensuring we are afraid, very afraid indeed.

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The Welts (Adrian Konarski)


Adrian Konarski, 2017, Caldera Records
36 tracks, 78:09

Whilst the score for The Welts takes centre-stage on this album, it includes music from several other works by Adrian Konarski; and as such serves as a wonderful introduction to this composer.

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The Zookeeper’s Wife (Harry Gregson-Williams)


Harry Gregson-Williams, 2017, Filmtrax
14 tracks, 40:56

Having already written music for a lion in a wardrobe, Harry Gregson-Williams now turns his talents to scoring animals in a zoo and their dedicated zookeeper.

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