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Nocturnal Animals (Abel Korzeniowski)

cover_nocturnalanimalsNOCTURNAL ANIMALS

Abel Korzeniowski, 2016, Silva Screen
13 tracks, 33:37

The BAFTA- and IFMCA-nominated score for Nocturnal Animals is a menacing yet sensual beast. Composer Abel Korzeniowski continues to intrigue and impress.

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Adam Resurrected (Gabriel Yared)

cover_adamresurrectedADAM RESURRECTED

Gabriel Yared, 2016, Caldera Records
20 tracks, 43:05

Caldera have ‘resurrected’ a 2008 score by Gabriel Yared. Adam Resurrected is a dramatic work for synths and solo violin.

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Passengers (Thomas Newman)


Thomas Newman, 2016, Sony Classical
26 tracks, 68:32

Thomas Newman received his 14th Oscar nomination for Passengers. I stepped onboard his score and let him take me on a journey (as a musical passenger… get it).

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2016 Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Awards

synchrotones_awards_20162016 Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Awards

Synchrotones’ Soundtrack Reviews celebrates what it believes are the best scores and composers of 2016. This year, we’re doing things a little bit differently. No ‘awards’ as such; more a celebration of great music. Let us know what you think. Any surprises? Notable omissions? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Living in the Age of Airplanes (James Horner)

cover_livingintheageofairplanesLIVING IN THE AGE OF AIRPLANES

James Horner, 2016, Terwilliger Productions
18 tracks, 49:48

Flying was his passion, so James Horner seemed the perfect composer for this documentary about airplanes and how they changed the world.

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