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The Finest Hours (Carter Burwell)

Cover_TheFinestHoursTHE FINEST HOURS

Carter Burwell, 2016, Walt Disney Records
18 tracks, 47:44

It was a bit of a troubled production, but “The Finest Hours” turned out to be one of Carter Burwell finer moments.

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2016 Round Up – April (4/12)

monthly_roundup2016 Round Up – March-April (4/12)

Synchrotones presents its monthly round-up: a brief overview of soundtrack releases that didn’t get their own dedicated review. And sorry we missed the March edition. So let’s focus on those scores that got away. Such as: “Zoolander 2” (Shapiro), “City of Gold” (Johnston), “Mr Selfridge” (Mole), “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday” (Mothersbaugh), “Criminal” (Tyler), “Confirmation” (Gregson-Williams) and quite a few more!

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Fall of Gods (Francois Jolin)


François Jolin, 2016, Lakeshore Records
13 tracks, 57:21

Forget movies. Books are the future! François Jolin presents a score based on an illustrated book based on Norse mythology. And by Thor’s hammer… it’s good!

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10 Cloverfield Lane (Bear McCreary)

Cover_10CloverfldLn10 CLOVERFIELD LANE

Bear McCreary, 2016, Sparks & Shadows
14 tracks, 63:33

Arguably one of Bear McCreary’s higher profile jobs. Hopefully it’ll lead to many more. McCreary has been composing for many years now and (as if he hadn’t done so already) this one really proves he’s ready to tackle the big stuff.

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The Cairo Declaration (Ye Xiaogang and Chad Cannon)


Ye Xiaogang and Chad Cannon, 2016, MovieScore Media
21 tracks, 57:42

I’d never have heard of this Chinese war-film or its score. As it turns out Ye Xiaogang and Chad Cannon’s work is amongst the finest I’ve heard this year.

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