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The Last Starfighter (Craig Safan)

Cover_TheLastStarfighterIntradaTHE LAST STARFIGHTER

Craig Safan, 2014, Intrada
22 tracks, 63:47

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, “The Last Starfighter” by Craig Safan has been re-released by Intrada. It claims to be the complete score and to have superior sound quality.

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The Homesman (Marco Beltrami)

Cover_HomesmanTHE HOMESMAN

Marco Beltrami, 2014, Varese Sarabande
21 tracks, 45:34

I know I’m late to the game, as this score has been out for quite some time now. It has taken a while for it to grow on me.

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Exodus (Alberto Iglesias)


Alberto Iglesias, 2014, Sony Music
32 tracks, 78:07

We’re not used to seeing Alberto Iglesias tackling a film as large and epic as “Exodus”. And working for Ridley Scott no less! Will he be able to convey the scope of this Biblical story?

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Chappie (Hans Zimmer)


Hans Zimmer, 2015, Varese Sarabande
16 tracks, 63:06

For a second there I though Neill Blomkamp made a film about dogfood! Wouldn’t surprise me, considering how catfood played an important role in “District 9″.

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Paper Planes (Nigel Westlake)

Cover_PaperPlanesPAPER PLANES

Nigel Westlake, 2015, ABC Music
15 tracks, 49:51

The composer of “Babe” takes to the skies with “Paper Planes”. Will he soar like an eagle or crash and burn? (I should one day apologise for the poor puns.)

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