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2017 Round Up Part 1

2017 Round Up – Part 1

Synchrotones presents its monthly round-up: a brief overview of soundtrack releases that didn’t get their own dedicated review. And sorry we missed the March edition. So let’s focus on those scores that got away. In this article Tyler Bates’ Belko Experiment and John Wick 2. Beltrami’s Logan, some xXx action from Brian Tyler; and Reznor/Ross remember Patriot’s Day.

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Game of Thrones Symphony (Ramin Djawadi)


Ramin Djwadai, 2017, Silva Screen
21 tracks, 69:06

Ramin Djawadi’s score moves from the small screen to the big stage… This release celebrates the rich tapestry of music over the six series with the full firepower of an 80 piece symphony orchestra and choir.

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Frankenstein (Halli Cauthery)


Halli Cauthery, 2017, Movie Score Media
14 tracks, 35:21

There’s a new Frankenstein in town. This one spells his name like a password… Frank3n5t31n. He’s quite a special character, though he doesn’t use one in his name. That’s not safe enough… But is the score is safe hands?

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Nocturnal Animals (Abel Korzeniowski)

cover_nocturnalanimalsNOCTURNAL ANIMALS

Abel Korzeniowski, 2016, Silva Screen
13 tracks, 33:37

The BAFTA- and IFMCA-nominated score for Nocturnal Animals is a menacing yet sensual beast. Composer Abel Korzeniowski continues to intrigue and impress.

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Adam Resurrected (Gabriel Yared)

cover_adamresurrectedADAM RESURRECTED

Gabriel Yared, 2016, Caldera Records
20 tracks, 43:05

Caldera have ‘resurrected’ a 2008 score by Gabriel Yared. Adam Resurrected is a dramatic work for synths and solo violin.

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