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Joanna Lumley’s Transsiberian Adventure (Miguel D’Oliveira)


Miguel D’Oliveira, 2015, Movie Score Media
9 tracks, 20:01

Joanna Lumley took us on a wonderful journey through Asia and Russia. Now we can re-live that journey with a slick, if short soundtrack release.

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Pixels (Henry Jackman)


Henry Jackman, 2015, Varese Sarabande
21 tracks, 38:10

I’m liking Henry Jackman’s output lately. Yet, the cover for “Pixels” sums up this score in a single image. Nice colour, but… is that it?

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I Am Big Bird (Joshua Johnson)


Joshua Johnson, 2015, Varese Sarabande
16 tracks, 44:36

Left field – that’s where this score came out of. I’d never heard of the composer; and a picture of a bloke with big orange feet didn’t do much to peak my interest. And then I pressed play… only to discover a wonderful, lush and exquisite orchestral score!

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Spectrum (Frederik Wiedmann)


Frederik Wiedmann, 2015, Frederik Wiedmann
9 tracks, 23:27

Composer Frederik Wiedmann is privately releasing his lovely score for “Spectrum”, with all proceeds going to Autism Women’s Network. It’s a short, but exquisite little score worth seeking out.

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2015 Round Up – June (6/12)

UnreviewedThe Unreviewed: 2015 Round Up – June (6/12)

In spite of best intentions, it is genuinely unfortunate that some scores are left unreviewed. But unreviewed does not mean unheard. So let’s focus, if only briefly, on those scores that got away this month. Including:

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