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Wolf Totem (James Horner)


James Horner, 2015, Milan Records
13 tracks, 58:57

James Horner has been quiet, but now he’s back. Can his music match the spectacular visuals of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s latest epic, set in the rolling landscapes of Mongolia? Do you really need to ask?

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Oscar Nominees 2014

The 87th Academy Awards ceremont, better knows as the ‘Oscars’, is just hours away. Here at Synchrotones we’ll have a brief glance at the five scores, and their composers, nominated for Best Original Score.

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The Interview / This Is The End / Kingsman – Henry Jackman


Henry Jackman, 2015, La-La-Land Records
17 tracks, 35:08

Henry Jackman is on a roll! And it’s not a toilet roll. Three scores of his see the light of day in rapid succession. And guess what? All three are a hoot!

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Red Krokodil – Alexander Cimini

Cover_RedKrokodilRED KROKODIL

Alexander Cimini, 2014, Kronos Records
13 tracks, 46:43

I’ll be honest — I hadn’t heard of this movie until, fairly literally, I was handed a copy of its score. It proved a magical surprise. So much beautiful music is written everywhere in the world. It is genuinely impossible to keep track of it all. So, it feels really special when you discover something like this. Something that could’ve quite easily passed you by.

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Score: A Film Music Documentary Launches on Kickstarter – Press Release

Cover_ScoreMovieSet for a November 2015 release, “Score: A Film Music Documentary” promises to deliver a ‘one-of-its-kind, definitive documentary about the power of filmscores’ and ‘a privileged look at the lives of the world’s greatest living virtuosos’. The film will feature some of Hollywood’s highest profile composers, such as Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, John Debney and many others. A Kickstarter campaign has now launched to raise the funds necessary to complete this documentary.

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