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Thor: Ragnarok (Mark Mothersbaugh)


Mark Mothersbaugh, Hollywood Records 2017
23 tracks, 72:51

Okay, I’m late to the party… but what a party it is! I hope this score comes with insurance, as it’s blown the roof off!

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Knock (Cyrille Aufort)


Cyrille Aufort, Movie Score Media 2017
16 tracks, 34:30

Don’t you just love it when a pleasant little surprise comes knock-ing on your door? Well, best get your wallet out. I’m sure you can aufort it …?

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Murder on the Orient Express (Patrick Doyle)


Patrick Doyle, Sony Classical 2017
24 tracks, 56:44.

Everyone’s a suspect… but in the end it was the composer in the recording booth with a baton! And he was aided by a director with a pointy ‘tash.
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Concert Report: James Horner, A Life in Music

Concert Report: James Horner, A Life in Music

It was a concert of mixed feelings. It was very good, occasionally great, but still a long way behind the Vienna concert. It featured music from interesting and unexpected films, but not necessarily the best cues from those scores. It took place in the spectacularly intimate Royal Albert Hall, yet I think the event was missing a personal touch. There was lots to love and admire, but still plenty to criticise.

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The Last Post (Solomon Grey) + Interview


Solomon Grey, 2017, Mercury Classics
16 tracks, approx. 33 min.

BBC’s latest war-drama The Last Post is a pretty (in)tense show. Not least thanks to the eerie score by Solomon Grey. The soundtrack is available now; and Synchrotones had a chance to catch up with Joe and Tom from Solomon Grey.

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