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Hacksaw Ridge (Rupert Gregson-Williams)

cover_hacksawridgeHACKSAW RIDGE

Rupert Gregson-Williams, 2016, Varese Sarabande
16 tracks, 53:46

From Bee Movie to A-listers… Rupert Gregson-Williams hits the jackpot with Hacksaw Ridge.

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Nerve (Rob Simonsen)


Rob Simonsen, 2016, Lakeshore Records
20 tracks, 48:41

Rob Simonsen is the king of cool. Cool music, that is. Can he hold his nerve and deliver a daring score for Nerve?

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The Sand / Sonata (Vincent Gillioz)

cover_thesandTHE SAND / SONATA

Vincent Gillioz, 2016, Howlin’ Wolf Records
27 tracks, 71:50

Beware the beach! Beware the sand! For it has a taste for flesh. Your flesh! Don’t even think about dipping your toes in there, or all those piggies will go to the slaughter!

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Allied (Alan Silvestri)


Alan Silvestri, 2016, Sony Classical
13 tracks, 42:26

Robert Zemeckis and Alan Silvestri team up once again for the much anticipated war drama Allied. Will the allegiance between the director and composer pay off?

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2016 Round Up – September-October (7/9)

monthly_roundup2016 Round Up – September-October (7/9)

Synchrotones presents its monthly round-up: a brief overview of soundtrack releases that didn’t get their own dedicated review. And sorry we missed the March edition. So let’s focus on those scores that got away. Such as: Ben Hur, Anthropoid, Greater, and the non-score album Majestik. This will be one the last monthly round ups, as I’ll be switching to a weekly format soon.

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