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The Brotherhood (Arnau Bataller)

Cover_brotherhoodTHE BROTHERHOOD

Arnau Bataller, 2014, ScreamWorks
13 tracks, 46:06

Some great filmscores are coming from Spain these days. Is Arnau Bataller’s “The Brotherhood” one of them?
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Cosmos Vol.2 (Alan Silvestri)


Alan Silvestri, 2014, Cosmos Studios Music
15 tracks, 41:34

Will “Cosmos” volume 2 deliver more of the same or present something radically different? Will it worth the additional purchase?
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Divergent (Junkie XL)


Junkie XL, 2014, Lionsgate
21 tracks, 1:29:31

Of all Dutch composers, I wasn’t expecting Junkie XL to be the one to make it big in Hollywood. But you know what… He’s doing alright! “Divergent” is a cracking little score.
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Blown Away (Alan Silvestri)

Cover_blownawayBLOWN AWAY

Alan Silvestri, 2014, Intrada
34 tracks, 73:10

Twenty years after the film’s release, Alan Silvestri’s score for “Blown Away” is finally available in its full and wonderful glory.

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New reviews will be coming soon. Synchrotones is currently working on an original piece of music for a composer’s competition. Not to mention there have been some technical issues (i.e. the sudden and unexplained death of the Dell PC, after 7 flawless years). A new system is in place, composing should soon be finished, and then new soundtrack reviews will be published. Scores such as “Divergent”, “Noah”, a few goodies from MovieScore Media, and several works by Silvestri are likely to find their way onto the homepage. And I hear Hans has a new CD out…? Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned…


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