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Chasing Notes – Press Release


Marco Beltrami, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Ottman, Chris Young, Christophe Beck, George S. Clinton, and Jaymee Carpenter are among the composers featured in the groundbreaking film “Chasing Notes”.

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Penny Dreadful (Abel Korzeniowski)

cover_pennydreadfulPENNY DREADFUL

Abel Korzeniowski, 2014, Varese Sarabande
29 tracks, 72:48

I started looking for an expression of dark beauty, something that can be terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time — a poisonous infatuation,” says “Penny Dreadful”-composer Abel Korzeniowski.
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Anonymous Rejected Filmscore (John Murphy)


John Murphy, 2014, Taped Noise
12 tracks, 67:04

It’s not every day that we get to listen to rejected filmscores. John Murphy decided to polish up his ‘lost score’ and release it via his label Taped Noise. Good call – or rejected for a reason?
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The Giver (Marco Beltrami)

cover_thegiverTHE GIVER

Marco Beltrami, 2014, Sony Music
20 tracks, 49:08

Though famous for his horror-scores Marco Beltrami has been known to write some wonderful dramatic music. “The Giver” falls into that latter category.
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Gambit (Rolfe Kent)


Rolfe Kent, 2014, Lakeshore Records
17tracks, 37:24

Rolfe Kent does what he does best. His playful melodies and zany orchestrations evoke the era of Henry Mancini. But… does it offer anything new or is it just more of the same?
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